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We help you boost the brand awareness, reach and sales through highly converting Facebook ad campaigns.

We handle the end to end process :

1. Creating a strategy

2. Finding the target audience on Facebook for your business

3. Designing the ad creatives

4. Running the ad campaigns

5. Optimising the campaigns based on the results

Our primary priority is to provide maximum results for our clients.

The goal is to get leads and sales for the business through Instagram.

This includes :

1. Optimising the Instagram profile

2. Creating a strategy for the content creation process for profile

3. Running story ad campaigns to bring in high quality followers

4. Promoting the products and services to the followers to make them customers

We handle the end-to-end process for getting leads and sales for your business through the Instagram profile.

The goal is to position the brand as an expert in their niche through well-researched articles, blog posts, short posts on digital platforms.

This is important, as people today tend to prefer brands that they think are experts in their niche and trustworthy.

This includes :

1. Understanding the business’s niche and products/services that you offer

2. Creating an effective written content strategy that helps a new customer becomes knowledgeable and make them understand how the products/services add value to their lives

3. Sharing the brand story through strategic written content

4. Promoting the products and services to the readers through this content to make them customers

We handle the end-to-end process for creating a written content strategy for your business, that helps you position as an expert in your industry and get customers in the process.

We design and create highly converting Sales Funnels for your business.

Sales Funnels paired with Facebook advertising is a deadly combo to take your sales to the next level.

We design and create a variety of Sales Funnels :

1. Lead Magnet Funnel

2. Evergreen Webinar Funnel

3. Live Webinar Funnel

4. SLO Funnel

If you are not aware on how to use Sales Funnels for your business, we help you with that too.

We use the best strategies to get our clients the best results.

We help you craft the best possible marketing strategy for your business to increase brand awareness and sales.

This is a good option for you if you have an in-house marketing team to implement the strategy we design with you.

We will have at least 2 consulting sessions per week with you

1. We study your business, the products and services you offer and the target audience

2. We help you create a marketing strategy that is focused more on digital mediums

3. We work with your in-house marketing team to implement the creative strategy

4. We help you optimise the strategy based on the market feedback

5. We help you plan for the next 3 months, so that your team can take the game forward effectively

If you are not what service to choose, and all you want is to increase your sales and customers, please reach out to us, we’ll suggest you the best way forward.

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