Social Media Marketing - Sajith Mathew

How You Can Use Facebook Ads To Scale Up Your Business

Are you a business owner or a service provider?

Do you like more clients and customers?

What question is that? We would love to.

Okay. I get it.

How are you getting those clients and customers now?

Word of mouth, local newspaper ads, TV ads, radio ads, praying that customers find us.

Maybe a mix of all these.

Now, have you tried social media marketing?

No. Maybe tried once but didn’t get many results. I don’t quite understand how this works.

I get it.

Do you think social media marketing will bring you a ton of customers and clients?


Let me tell you what social media marketing is all about.

Before that, do you use social media? I mean Facebook, Instagram,….?


Do you think your customers are on Facebook or on Instagram?

They should be. The better question would be, who is not there on Facebook today?

Then, do you think your potential customers are there on Facebook?

Of course yes.

Okay, now what if I tell you that you can reach people on Facebook and Instagram, who are just like your current customers. People with similar interests, behaviors, buying habits, problems…


Now, what if I tell you that you can ask Facebook to show your message to a specific set of people.

Didn’t quite get it.

Okay, I’ll explain.

For example, If I want to show my new product/service to an IT professional, 28-year old, living in Bangalore, likes Nike shoes, and loves classical music, Facebook will make sure that happens.


Pretty amazing, right?

Now, tell me, what if you are able to reach thousands and crores of people on Facebook and Instagram, who are just like your customers? Will you be able to get more customers?

Definitely yes! A 100 times yes.

But, what if I have a clinic/store in a small town? How does it matter to me?

A very good question.

There are thousands, maybe lakhs of people in your town, who might be interested in your product/service but don’t know about it yet. Or in a different scenario, you are planning to provide a new offer and wish to inform a specific set of people in your town.

Now, you can do this through Facebook.


Also, at a fraction of the cost on other platforms!

This is truly mind-blowing. Where do I start? How do I do it?

Wow. I would love to help you do this.

All you have to do is to fill in the details in the form. I will help you with everything.

I’ll talk to you soon. Let’s scale up your business to new heights.

One more question. If this is all possible with Facebook, why don’t many businesses use it?

All major businesses use it. Businesses that understand its potential is investing heavily in social media marketing.

Check out some examples.