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BTL Project - StarTech 2022

BTL StarTech 2022 - bpd

Client name – BTL India Pvt Ltd

Goal – To launch an event, StarTech 2022 for promoting innovation in healthcare.

Products – We had to create a landing page where interested people can download the brochure by providing the lead info, pre-register for the event by submitting the basic details, and submit the application for event by filling in the detailed form.

Services included – Strategy for launch and promotion, landing page creation by integrating the event details and the application submission portal, Integrating the landing page with the existing website, Facebook ads and LinkedIn ads for the event promotion, creatives for social pages(promo video, social posts, gifs,…) to guide people through the entire journey.

Landing page – https://btlstartech.co.in/

Status – In progress


BTL StartTech event 2022 - beingplato digital

We’re helping BTL India with this entire event end-to-end.

From strategy, launch, promotion, web development, creatives and anything that’s required for the project success.

Dion's Project - Sales Funnels + Fb ads

Dion's project - case study

Client name – Dion Coopwood

Goal – To launch and promote a financial mastering program – an all-round program that will help anyone become a financial master of their life.

Products – Multiple e-books, Mentorship programs, Credit repair digital course

Services provided – Strategy, Sales Funnels (e-book funnel, digital course funnel), Fb ads

Dion is a credit repair coach who has been changing lives for a long time now.

Dion's project - case study

Project requirements:

Dion has been running live mentorship credit repair sessions for quite some time now.

We want to convert those sessions into a digital course to reach and provide maximum number of people. And also to automate his time and energy and channel this energy into providing extra value for his clients.

We have multiple e-books that touch upon specific pain points and provide detailed solutions for people.

We have built an e-book funnel to promote these e-books adding upsells, down-sells, order bumps to have a smooth customer experience in the funnel and to maximum purchase value.

Dion's project - case study

We have worked with Dion providing him suggestions on how he can convert his recording sessions into a digital course. We’re building a webinar funnel for him to launch and promote this course.

We have been running Fb ads to promote his e-books. 

We always look for the strength of the client and use it effectively to maximize the results.

Dion is a great speaker, and is extremely good at videos. He does videos that conveys the essence in a captivating manner. We have noticed this in our strategy calls.

Hence, we suggested him to create videos for us for Fb ads. And those are performing extremely well as we have expected.

The project is in progress and is expected to provide incredible results for our client, Dion Coopwood.

e-book funnel link – https://www.dionebooks.com/optin-page1644326274888

Dion's project - case study


We can get a lot of insights from the client and use them effectively to get the results.

Ideally, Fb ads require testing of multiple formats of creatives to understand which set of them get better traction, and use them to scale without wasting ad money on creatives that doesn’t do well. This is one of the testing that all Fb ads strategists do.

In this case, we observed that the client is great at videos in our first strategy call. He was able to articulate the content really well. And it sure was captivating.

We realised that if it is watch-worthy for us, then it can work with our target audience as well. And we started with video creatives for our fb ads campaigns . And it worked like a charm.

Sometimes, we have to play with the client’s strengths to give them maximum results. And we learnt that understanding the client and their business is crucial and designing the campaigns keeping specific observations in mind will yield us incredible results(rather than following set ways of doing things as per the industry).

Good Vibes Catalyst - Website Development + Organic Instagram Growth

Good Vibes Catalyst - case study

Client – Good Vibes Catalyst

Goal – To build a website that can act as a hub for his meditation programs and consulting sessions.

Services provided – Website development and Organic Instagram management

To give you a brief on what the project is all about.

Gi is a meditation coach and is really passionate about what he does.

The goal was to build a website that can act as a one-stop solution for his meditation programs.

Major requirements:


  • It has to host all his meditation recordings – both audios and videos. And there needs to be an option for people to donate to support Gi’s work.

  • There has to be an option for people to book consulting sessions with Gi.

Good Vibes Catalyst - case study

We’ve built these functionalities into the website keeping in mind the aesthetics and branding to the point.

In themes like meditation, it is important to bring about the personality of the coach into his online presence. And we’re able to project that calmness and peace through his website.

We’re working long-term to help him with adding any additional functionalities and taking care of the website maintenance if required.

We’re also helping Gi with Organic Instagram Growth service where we are providing well-designed and branded Instagram posts and captions that goes into his Instagram account as stories, posts, IGTV videos and reels.

The goal here is bring in traffic to his website through Instagram. 

We’re helping him build his Instagram account as an evergreen sales channel for his meditation programs.

The website was launched last week and have gotten some incredible reviews.

Please check it out here – https://www.goodvibescatalyst.com/

And the Instagram service is an ongoing process.

Good Vibes Catalyst - case study


The client wanted to bring in organic traffic to his newly launched website(which we helped him build).

He was pretty active on Instagram. And we have decided to use his Ig page to be an organic sales channel to his website.

For the content that went into the promotional bucket, we started designing posts that talks about techniques that his audience could practice in some way to get real-time benefits. For example – quick meditation techniques for calm ourselves down.

The call to action on these posts were his link to the website content that are detailed version of these techniques.

Anyone who found the mini-techniques useful tend to check out the detailed versions. This has given us a great amount of website traffic, that too our ideal target audience (This also helps in getting higher quality pixel data for any future Fb ads campaigns).

Grow Big Project - Sales Funnels + Fb ads + Organic Instagram Growth

GBP - case study

Client – Simon Marmot

Goal – To promote Grow Big Project – a content marketing course which is the essence of Simon’s 30 years of marketing experience.

Services provided – Strategy, Sales funnels, Fb ads, Instagram growth

Product – Grow Big Project – digital course on content marketing

The major pillars we implemented on:

Sales funnel – we started with setting up an effective sales funnel system that involves a wide variety of skillsets to make it top-notch – strategy, copy, content, design, user flow, payment integrations,…

We have designed an evergreen webinar funnel for this course as we could provide value-packed content for free to interested people.

Email marketing – strategy, copy, flow,… There are a lot of factors involved in getting our valuable content to the users through emails, and not just that, to actually get them to read them.

GBP - case study

Fb ads – The major goal of the project is to get the course sales.

We have a creative Fb ads campaign in place to bring in high-quality traffic to the free masterclass where Simon will be providing tons of value.

Here anyone can get a glimpse of the course content and some effective content marketing strategies that they can take away and start implementing just after the free masterclass.

We have retargeting campaigns planned on the way to reach out to people who have attended the free masterclass and shown interest in the course.

We’re also running some page likes campaigns to build the Fb project page and some followers campaigns to bring in the right people to the project Instagram page.

The goal is to provide maximum value for free through these pages.

Instagram organic growth – We’re also creating relevant and value-packed content on the Instagram page which involves carefully designed posts, masterfully curated content and thought-provoking captions.

Also, utilising the power of effectively-researched hashtags to reach the right audience. We know how the algorithm works and we know what our audience likes.

GBP - case study

We are focused on creating great content organically as we need to show the strategies and tactics in real-time through these pages.

At beingplato digital, our mission is to win with the client.

In this case, building a brand and authority in the market and ultimately getting the course sales is the key.

We’re moving forward with an effective strategy with the purpose of helping marketers and businesses ace the content marketing game, especially in today’s day and age where – ‘Content is the King’.

Sales funnel landing page – http://growbigproject.com/masterclass

Milwan Fashion - Fb ads

Milwan fashion - beingplato digital
Milwan fashion - beingplato digital
Milwan fashion - beingplato digital

How we made a 37X ROAS for a custom clothing store through Fb ads?


We ran lead generation campaigns for this client.

As we know, conversions campaigns are the ideal way to go for e-commerce campaigns.

In this case, the store setup was incomplete. Also, we had to get the sales asap.

Hence, lead generation campaign.


✅ First campaign:


We created 6 adsets, 7 creatives – 7 images + 1 video, 2 headlines, 3 ad copies.

There were 26 ads within each ad set and hence 156 ads in total.

Now, the reason for us to run these many ads is that we believe highly in testing.

We got 244 leads through this campaign at a cost per lead of 26.05 INR.

Now, we chose to collect the lead information through messages.




Because we do a 1-step filter there to receive only high-intent leads.

We asked for the phone number and the best time to contact them as lead info.We asked for the phone number and the best time to contact them as lead info.

Milwan fashion - beingplato digital

✅ Second campaign:


We created 4 adsets here and targeted locations that are premium in the region.

We come up with this strategy because of learning from our first campaign.


A few leads were not the best fit for the business as our service is in the premium segment.

Since we had to target sectors and places within the region, we clubbed together and used them to get an optimum target audience size.


We used similar creatives, copies, and headlines in the previous campaign as we have a theme of festival and wedding season.


We got 127 leads through this campaign at a cost per lead of 16.68 INR.


I just want to reiterate the importance of testing and growing from those learnings.

We didn’t use conversions and used lead-gen because the website was not optimized and wanted sales asap.


Also, we changed our targeting and strategy a bit in the second campaign because we learned that some of the leads are not the right fit for our service.


Thus, we got the best-quality leads and at a far cheaper cost.


Once the store setup is complete, we’ll warm up the pixel first and then gonna crush it with the conversions campaign.


Detailing Mafia Kochi - Fb ads

beingplato digital

Client – Detailing Mafia Kochi

Services provided – Fb/Ig ads

We have designed and created a Facebook marketing campaign for a car detailing business, detailingmafiakochi. 

The goal of this campaign was to get maximum number of leads for the client in the shortest time possible.This is a service based business and the service package ranges from 1000 INR to 2.5 lakh INR.

We have analysed the client’s existing customer base and have done a thorough research on their social media engagements. We have collected certain data-points which we used for building the strategy of the campaign.

Some of the data-points were:

1. Target audience are premium car owners and enthusiasts who doesn’t mind spending a bit more on the services, especially in professions like doctors, bankers, lawyers and small business owners.

2. Customers enjoyed watching the detailing process as much the result, so we ran mostly video ads like process videos and result videos.

3. Most customers have an instant query on the services when they see the process video or the ad, so we had to keep the lead form extremely simple and answers the queries instantly.

We were able to reach 20,630 people and the campaign gave us incredible results with 23 leads with an ad spend of 1694 INR, at a cost per lead of 73.69 INR. The campaign resulted in a revenue of 1.15 lakh INR for the client. Return on ad spend (ROAS) – 67X.

beingplato digital
beingplato digital

Kunjavaran - Website Development + Content Strategy + Fb ads

Kunjavaran Blog - Case Study

Client – Kunjavaran.com

Goal – To bring in maximum traffic to the blog in the minimum possible time and influence people to make the right choices.

Services provided – Fb ads

We have designed and created the Facebook marketing campaign for a blog, kunjavaran, a political analysis blog aimed at the Kerala elections.

We were able to reach 72,000 people through the ads. There were 2500 blog visits in a span of 6 days at a cost of 1.32 INR per visitor.

We ran promotion ads for the Facebook page as well. We were able to receive 239 page likes in this time period of 6 days.

We primarily focused on 2 goals after the discussion with the client.

Goal 1 – Maximise blog visitors

Goal 2 – Maximise page likes

We created a campaign strategy and executed them with passion.

Goal 1 – Result – 2500 blog visitors in 6 days

Goal 2 – Result – 239 page likes in 6 days



Blog Visitors Campaign
Page Likes Campaign

Maria's Fitness - Sales Page Design + Sales Funnels

Sales Page Design

Client – Maria’s Fitness

We have designed a Sales Page for a client in the fitness niche, Maria’s Fitness.

The goal of the page was to promote a fitness program + nutrition guide as a limited time offer.


The sales page includes all the details of the product, with compelling benefits for the user to buy the product as soon as possible at a bargain offer.

Landing page

Client – Maria’s Fitness

We have designed and created this lead magnet funnel for Maria’s Fitness.

The goal of this sales funnel was to collect maximum number of leads by offering a Free Fitness + Nutrition Guide.

Note – There are a variety of Sales Funnels, depending on the purpose. And we design and create all of them based on the requirements of the client. 

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