Going Digital Is The Way Forward

We have heard this term more than enough. But why the term is so common these days.

We are more in the digital space than ever, so going digital makes perfect sense

I’m sure most of the businesses and entrepreneurs are familiar with this term and the methodology. Let me explain the basic perspective here.

If we go back 10 years, most of us got to know about brands and products through television ads, newspaper ads, billboards, and radio ads if at all it was there. What was the logic then? Most people spent their time in these mediums to consume their information or entertainment.

Marketing has to be where the people’s attention is.

Now, the mediums where people spend their time and attention have changed, the mode of marketing as well. The brands and businesses who neglected digital mediums earlier stating that this is for the young generation have already jumped into the tide head down. Mostly because yesterday’ young generation are today’s consumers.

No chance anyone has missed these terms recently

India has the majority of the millennial population in the world. This statistics indirectly means that our country has one of the most purchasing power in the world. Now the question we have is, how do we reach this young population who constitutes the major share of the consumers. That’s where digital marketing plays a vital role. If you just think that this is just because the young Indians are spending time here, you might need to look closer.

Consumer behavior has shifted a lot. The consumer today is exposed to a wide variety of information, not just the countrywide market trends. Consumers are exposed to trends worldwide. Take a moment and think for yourself, when you buy something, do you just compare a product with its Indian counterpart or a global one. You might not have even thought about such a boundary, because it feels so natural.

We breathe digital nowadays

The advantages are not just for the consumer today, businesses as well. Nowadays, we can create content and curate ads specifically for our target audience. And the best part here is we can actually measure them and tweak them to make them more effective. If I take my case, I go with the brands I can connect with. In a way, I’m loyal to the brands that provide me superior quality and service.

Now, if the brands can find this line and curate content and ads for their specific audience, there is no way someone can stunt their growth. The digital platforms act as a powerful feedback loop as well. So businesses can modify the products based on their ideal customer feedback.

So it is common sense to go digital and provide valuable content through digital platforms to improve brand awareness and online presence.
That’s why we are here. Better news for you, we are a group of young millennials, so we know what our digital peers prefer. We can help you curate a powerful digital strategy.