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Personal Brand by the Takumi Story

Hey listen,  let me show you what a personal brand is by the Takumi example.

If you’re a car lover,  you don’t want to miss out on this.

The Takumi from Nissan

Takumi are the master craftsmen who are the only ones allowed to assemble the engine of the legendary Nissan GT-R.

There are just 5 of them. And they do this with supreme detail. The rule – one man,  one engine.

6 hours, 374 individual parts, clean room with 23 degree Celsius to 550bhp powerhorse and 570bhp(new version).

The unique thing here – once the engine is done, it receives a plaque with the craftsman’s name on it.

The Nissan GT-R engine

The whole process is just amazing.

But you know what the answer from Takumi to this question –
What makes you so detailed in your craft?

Because of their specific name badge to the GTR engine they assemble.

The assembled engine will get a name plaque on it of the Takumi who assembled it.

And that’s what my friend, a personal brand really is.

A personal brand(or in general, any solid brand) represents a mix of qualities that sometimes loses its meaning when put into words.

In this case, it represents supreme craftsmanship and perfection(as far as I can convey).

And brands – personal and business – try to be as consistent with the qualities they project. Not because they’re superficial, but because they’re accountable to the people/customers they want to help with their knowledge/product/service.

Look how beast of an engine this is. And this is crafted with supreme detail by one of the 5 Takumi.

I’m sure that many of you’ll love this beast car, even more, when you hear the story behind it.
That’s what a brand story does in essence.

Now, go power up your brand like the power of this beast.

I’d love to know your thoughts.