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How iOS 14’s Update Will Impact Your Facebook Ads – 2 Tasks To Tackle Them

Steps to take on Facebook ads after iOS 14

Hey, Facebook advertisers and the businesses who have been using the Facebook ads’ potential to get clients and customers for their business, this article is for you.

Apple has made an option for its users to opt out of tracking. Now this will definitely impact the Facebook tracking of users because at least some of those users will choose to opt out.

2 tasks that every Facebook marketer needs to do after the ios 14 changes

Also, Facebook has taken few measures to minimize the impact. Facebook has come up with few workarounds that can still give us its advertisers the results.

I would suggest 2 tasks for you to keep your ads effective as always.

So here they are:

  1. Verify your domain

Now, you’ll be using a website or an e-commerce store to send the users through your Facebook ads. Also, you have been using a Facebook pixel to track those web visitors.

The first step you have to do now is to verify that website domain.

You can follow these steps.

Business manager —> Business settings —> Brand safety —> Domains —> Verify

Verify the domain of the website you’re sending traffic to

You have multiple ways to do this. Choose any option and verify the domain. It might take up to 72 hours for the domain to get verified. And you can clearly see once it’s done.

2. Prioritise the pixel events

You could have created multiple events, both custom conversions, and standard events, for tracking user actions. Now, you have to choose a maximum of 8 events on a pixel, that too based on the priority.

I would say that the number of events available is good enough if you prioritize the right way.

It generally follows a priority of purchase, adds to cart, payment info, view content, in that order.

Facebook pixel helps you track all those web visitors and later retarget them through your ads. Now, you have to choose the top 8 pixel events to track

You can follow these steps.

Business manager —> Events manager —> Choose your pixel —> Aggregated events measurement —> Choose the 8 events you need to track

If you do these 2 tasks, you’re good to go.

Now, I would suggest an additional step that would definitely help in getting those results.

That is, improve your creatives. Why? The creative is the first thing that a user notices in an ad, if that’s not compelling enough, the user doesn’t both check your offer, read your copy or headline.

Test multiple creatives, that too high-quality one.

Test multiple high-quality creatives, as that’s the one thing that acts as an attention magnet for the people in the newsfeed

I would always say that Facebook advertising is all about testing and scaling the right ads. Also, make sure that you give enough time for Facebook to get you those results rather than making frequent adjustments.

I wish you a great time testing and running Facebook ads. Also, bring in those great clients and customers.

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