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Why Understanding Buyer Persona is Crucial in SMM?

The most important pillar to any Fb ads creative campaign – Understanding your buyer persona.

You might be thinking – we’re doing it anyway through target audience research,…

But there’s more to that.

Target audience research you do is just a subset of the whole picture.

Whom to target is just one piece of the puzzle, but we need to dive deep into it.

Understanding your buyer is to put yourself where they are, online and offline

We have to understand how our buyers behave in general and how they come in your brand’s touchpoints – it can be an ad, an article, a review, or just a suggestion from a friend.

If you think that’s all it is, nope – there’s more to that.

We have to also understand the buyer’s path to purchase – how many touchpoints do they need to buy your product, I’ll go deep to find out the specific number for my brand, not just the stats out there.

Understanding how your potential buyer reacts to your brand is super important as well.

We can double down on that aspect if it is creating a good emotion.

Also, this acts as a check to whether our brand positioning is working as expected.

Now, you might have noticed, I diverged into various other factors when I talked about Fb ads.

Because I believe that ads are one part of the puzzle.

Understanding your buyers helps your business all around – organic content and paid ads

When we have all the puzzle pieces arranged to give us results, that’s when you see your business grow like crazy.

Having a 5-year business consulting experience with Deloitte in addition to Fb ads skills has helped me to see the big picture and create a strategy that’s perfectly relevant to the client I work with.

Understanding the buyer persona is a core pillar in any brand campaign.

When it comes to Fb ads, the whole strategy has the potential to revolve around this – from strategy, the creatives you use, the ad copies you write, the placement we choose, and even the type of retargeting campaigns you run.

For instance, retargeting based on emotions works better for certain types of audiences, discounts work better for others, reassurances work best in other cases(testimonials).

If I keep expanding on this part it’ll go long again.

Make it easier for your ideal customers to find you – by knowing their interests, preferences,…

But just to put it straight – I have noticed that retargeting for older audiences with testimonials always worked better for me – because when you think about it, they’re a little skeptical when it comes to buying online.

And when they see great testimonials from other folks just like them, that builds their trust and hence the conversions always go higher.

This is not to say that testimonials don’t work with other types, but to show you how you can think through and increase your conversions for your ad campaigns.

Also, please don’t take some part away from the context because the thought process behind why you’re doing something is really important.

So, if you want to have a high chance of success with Fb ads or if you’re confused about where to start, understanding your buyer persona and mapping out other elements of the campaign from this root is a great strategy.

If you want to maximize your sales and revenue for your business through creative Fb ads campaigns, you can book a free strategy call with us.

Remember, we prioritize understanding your buyer persona.