Content is the king, add a human element to it, it connects with people - Sajith Mathew

The Primary Element to Thrive in Today’s Content Game

One element in your social media strategy can change the game for any business

Businesses and brands that have a human element win in today’s age.

beingplato digital
The feeds need to look like that of a human’s – that’s what attracts and connects people

Even if you’re a business that has a long history, a new brand that comes up today can take over the customers and the market – if they can think like a human.

If we think about it, content drives the organic and paid marketing channels.

You have to have great content on your social pages, blogs, newsletters to attract the right audience and connect with them.

You have to have great content as creatives and ad copies for paid ads.

beingplato digital
Every business and brand has to create content today to connect with their target audience – whether it is a software product or a consumer product.

Content is truly the king.

Content has become more relevant than ever before in Fb ads after the ios-14 changes.

So what makes all the difference in the content?

The human element.

The way you create content and engage with the audience has to feel like how a human does. In simple terms – that’s all it is.

If you have noticed the content planning/social media calendar for your business or of your client, you see that there are different themes of content – informational, fun, inspirational, promotional, value,…

Now you know the reason.

Adding this human element is applicable to any type of content you create – emails, newsletters, blogs, social. If people cannot relate to a brand, they won’t buy from you. Just keep this fact in mind.

You need to understand that on the other side of the table, there is a human who’s watching, reading, listening, and engaging with your content – be it on social, emails, blogs,…

If you get this point right, you’ll win this game.

You’re going to get more sales than you ever expect and the revenue you have ever generated before.

If you need to see an example of this logic playing out, look at the pages of companies’ and founders’ on LinkedIn – founder pages have 100 times more engagement and following than the company pages.

Look at the Twitter profile of the founders and their companies. Exact same scenario.

Just look at IG, you can see the exact same thing playing out here.

This is one of the reasons why Influencer marketing is getting too much traction today. Businesses and brands are bringing in the human element – the influencer – to connect to their target audience.

We’re humans. We like to connect to humans.

Add in the human element to your content, whether it can be in the organic or paid methods.

You’ll instantly see the difference.